Zack Cokas – Pharmacy

Zack Cokas – Pharmacy

To be a big star your music has to have appeal. That thing that can transcend cultures, and make people buy into your artistry. The more appeal, that more people believe that you can or are the next big thing to come in music, and Zack Cokas has that appeal on his new song “Pharmacy”.

Zack Cokas gets in his bag to deliver what the people need on his new swag record “Pharmacy”. The writing is packed with major flavor, with the emceeing being beyond impressive. Each line is super dope as he talks his talk, like no other firing off amazing wordplay, with an impeccable flow that is second to none. This all happens over a production packed with 808’s and bass that his rhymes bounce over perfectly.

Zack Cokas “Pharmacy” is a supreme level record that puts the entire culture on notice. He’s a sure fire star and it couldn’t be any more apparent than hearing his music. He excels in every aspect of his craft to make something that any one who presses play will love for every second.

Check out Zack Cokas “Pharmacy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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