Kam’Geez – Pain

Kam’Geez – Pain

Taking on a classic is always tough. Working against what people are familiar with, and love to give them something new to enjoy. That difficulty get taken up even more, when dealing with someone so iconic like 2Pac. An artist revered by the world still to this day. With the pressure on Kam’Geez delivers on his new freestyle “Pain”.

Kam’Geez rises to give the world something must hear over the 2Pac classic “Pain”. The presence is commanding right away, as you can hear his ultra confidence in the flow. He sounds comfortable and focused to deliver high grade rhyming, to give more life to this classic record to show he’s the real deal and here to make an impact like the legends before him.

Kam’Geez “Pain” is a fresh take of music to showcase his supreme skill, as well as give an ode to a classic. Kam gives his all in this record, with conviction in his delivery that can be faked for as second. The visuals are super dope as well and give the full picture of his vision to be an artist worth buying into.

Check out Kam’Geez “Pain” below ands follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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