Tai Verdes – Bad Bad News

Tai Verdes – Bad Bad News

Musicians have long been called upon to be the voices for our time. Giving us the stories that connect to us, as they speak our lives for us with a certain level of soul and transparency, to get us through. That element has and will forever make music such a powerful tool to use, and Tai Verdes uses it to the fullest on his new song “Bad Bad News”.

Tai Verdes delivers the blues on his new song “Bad Bad News”. The sound is rooted in soul, with production that has blues influence that he works magic over. The writing is heavy and he’s strong enough to deliver it all, as he digs deep to deliver each note, as you hear him giving his all in to the music, that makes you buy into it for every second he gives.

Tai Verdes “Bad Bad News” is that music that goes beyond great music to listen to, but amazing music that connects to the soul to make an experience of music to take in. He delivers in every way to make sure he gives the people his all from the production, writing, and vocals, he gives musical excellence for us all to enjoy.

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