Yury – Equated

Yury – Equated

Now more than ever it’s important for an artist to have their own signature sound. With so many releases dropping from new and established talent, it’s essential to have your own special thing that can help you stand out, from the plethora of new talent coming out. An artist who always shines with his own style is Yury. A multi-talented creative who uses his wide range of talent to make one innovative sound. That sound is on full display on his new song “Equated”.

Yury starts off the year on fire with his new song “Equated”. He gives his all and it shines in the music, with him daring to make something we’ve never heard before. The production is hypnotizing and engaging, as you go deep in to the vibes he creates, in the production as well as the flow approach that makes you listen intently to catch the magic he creates, for his fans everywhere.

Yury’s “Equated” is an amazing display of music that encompasses the talent and creativity in his music. Each aspect is done in a fresh and new way to make something with unlimited replay value. If you’re looking for an ambitious sound to buy in to, this is one you can stop search with as the talent he brings is unmatched.

Check out Yury “Equated” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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