Parris LaVon – Paradise

Parris LaVon – Paradise

Hip Hop is truly a genre that has a song for every mood one can have. From the realest of songs with heavy content, to braggadocious music that carries that flex, you can feel. The wide range of the spectrum truly hits it all, but some songs can bring both sides together to make music, like you’ve never heard. That type of music is what you get from the always consistent Parris LaVon on his new song “Paradise”.

Parris LaVon beats the odds to shine on his new song “Paradise”. The music is that right blend of heavy lyricism delivered with supreme conviction, over a dope sound that makes for an engaging listen. Lyrically he’s at his best, with super dope lines that show his knack for transparency in his lyrics, that connects home for all of us who’ve been through something. The charisma in the flow is what helps it all shine, and brings that celebratory feel to the music that makes you more appreciative of life.

Parris LaVon’s “Paradise” is a incredible record that leaves the listener with more than they came with. He marvels at telling his story in what that’s relatable and real, with it having an amazing under tone of soul to make it something super dope and super relatable. Hit play on this record now that delivers in audio and visual to get the full experience he brings to the world.

Check out Parris LaVon “Paradise” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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