Leffen – Schlieffen

Leffen – Schlieffen

Music is at it’s best when it’s disruptive. When the art of it shines as you take in sounds that you’ve never heard about. It’s the music by the people that dare to go against the grain, and make something special that truly stand out, and rise to the top. With that guise the sky is truly the limit for Leffen when their new must hear record “Schlieffen”.

The art and creativity of music is what shines on the new song from Leffen called “Schlieffen”. The songs has so many different elements to take in and enjoy, as each moving part plays its part to a divine level. The production sets the tone with groovy drums, and guitar melodies that take you away from earth, as the vocals play the perfect guide to this special creation of music they bring to you, that can last for a lifetime.

Leffen’s “Schlieffen” is that daring piece of music that embodies everything it is to discover new music. They give you something that is true, raw, and adventurous, with them delivering a unique sound that can only get from them. The pure art of music is on full bloom and a ready made record that will have you looking for more from these amazing creatives.

Check out Leffen “Schlieffen” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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