FCG Heem – Need It (Official Video)

FCG Heem – Need It (Official Video)

More than ever the hustler spirit is running rampant in the culture. Everyone being motivated to get to the bag, in more ways than one to enjoy life to the fullest. For these times we always need records, to be the soundtrack to our lives for the hustle and FCG Heem brings that music on his new song “Need It”.

FCG Heem brings the perfect score for your hustle on the new song “Need It”. The art of emceeing is on full display, as he crafts a record that says what everyone feels. Each line is filled with that ambitious spirit we all love, with him motivating us to get it, over this production packed with bass to make it all pop. The melodic flow oozes supreme flavor and masterful in its tone, to make it something engaging and filled with vibes to make it just as enjoyable, as it is motivating.

FCG Heem’s “Need It” is an incredible record, that you get hear blaring out of speakers everywhere. The aspirational tone is everything that makes people fall in love with the genre, with it also packing the power and bravado that we all seek in our Hip Hop stars. Hit play on this super dope records, and get to the bag now!

Check out FCG Heem “Need It” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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