EMERGER – Round We Go

EMERGER – Round We Go

Countless records are released daily, and can make it hard to get to everything. As tough as it can be to get to new music, everyone has time for a big record. A record that is commanding and packed with a certain star power, that you can’t get from just anybody. Those type of records is what keeps music going forward, and EMERGER has one of those records on the new song “Round We Go”.

EMERGER makes an instant must hear jam on the new song “Round We Go”. The sound is captivating and creative, with so many layers to music it opens so many different elements to enjoy about the song. Vocally the song packs plenty of appeal, especially in the chorus when the song leaves earth, to another stratosphere of musical genius. Each element is magical in it’s own right to make it something to divine to hear.

EMERGER’s “Round We Go” is a special record that helps push the culture forward. In times where music can be simplistic, it marvels in it’s creative approach to make something that stands out as must hear. The reasons to enjoy this record are limitless and a gem for music fans everywhere to dig into for a one of a kind experience.

Check out EMERGER “Round We Go” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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