Stilljune – Selfish

Stilljune – Selfish

If you want to know where the world is, you can find out by the state of Hip Hop. The two have always been in sync since the beginning of the disco era, to where we are present day. More and more we are being guided to putting our mental health first, and making sure one takes care of them self. Stilljune brings anthem for that on his new song “Selfish”.

Stilljune starts the year off right with his new song “Selfish”. His signature commanding presence shines through, with his energy resonating well to make the message felt. The writing shows his growth and his dedication to his craft, as well the culture with him giving knowledge, and life lessons that made Hip Hop connect with people for a lifetime.

Stilljune’s “Selfish” is the perfect start of the year for this talent that doesn’t miss. It excels in showcasing his supreme skillset from his hard flow filled with ambition, sharp and relatable writing, and a production with knock that he controls at ease. It’s the prefect storm of incredible writing, with an incredible message that you should listen to now.

Check out Stilljune “Selfish” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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