Dennis Cartier – Enjoy the Ride (Remix by MEEKS)

Dennis Cartier – Enjoy the Ride (Remix by MEEKS)

Everyone enjoys music for different reasons, but everyone enjoys a record they can dance to. That music that you hear and it makes your body want to move, with each melody and groove to get you going. That type of music is always super fun to take in and the new remix of Dennis Cartier’s “Enjoy the Ride” by MEEKS is one of those records.

MEEKS brings an amazing remix to Dennis Cartier’s “Enjoy The Ride”. The music is packed with infectious grooves, that you feel in your spirit as the bright lights in the music, makes life that much more exciting. The original vocal performance still shines, with the appeal in the vocals still resonating, while MEEKS brings the action packed sequel to the original.

Dennis Cartier’s “Enjoy the Ride (Remix by MEEKS)” is a must hear smash that embodies what a remix should be. He gives the record more life to be enjoyable for fans everywhere, while creating an experience of music that is fresh, and will last the times.

Check out Dennis Cartier’s “Enjoy the Ride (Remix by MEEKS)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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