If you’re from Michigan like us, you know it comes with a certain pride to be from here. A place for dreamers, and hustlers that know the certain toughness and confidence you have to have to survive here. That type of pride makes us all stand together, and MATTHEW WILEY makes that anthem for us on his new song “Michigan”.

MATTHEW WILEY gives us all of us in Michigan a reason to be proud on his new song “Michigan”. The sound is packed with appeal, that resonates well in its tone setting that he delivers on . MATTHEW brings incredible writing filled with gems that people from Michigan, will feel and people who are not from here a reason to check us out. The writing is delivered perfectly by the a melodic flow filled with energy to make it a hit across the board.

MATTHEW WILEY’s “Michigan” is an impressive anthem that everyone can enjoy. The pride in the music can resonate with anyone who is proud of where they are from, with his confidence rubbing off on the listener to make you take on his energy, on this super enjoyable record.

Check out MATTHEW WILEY “Michigan” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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