Leland Philpot – The Gift

Leland Philpot – The Gift

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready for a great week. Today is not only the start of a new week but the start of Black History Month. A month full of black excellence and to kick off this month it’s a must, that we bring the new song from Leland Philpot called “The Gift”.

Leland Philpot brings a high energy must hear record on his new song “The Gift”. The production is amazing in it’s tone setting, with an unorthodox approach that works wonders, with the piano keys bring a soulful jazz feel that, his flow glides over to the perfection. The rhyming lives up to the title with it being filled with gems, he blesses the listener on a record that not only sounds good, but truly feels good to take in for every second.

Leland Philpot’s “The Gift” is an incredible record that defines black excellence. The reasons to like this record, are countless with it giving you everything you could need. The feeling is real, and the message is realer on some of his finest work to date for fans everywhere to enjoy.

Check out Leland Philpot “The Gift” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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