andreas owens – don’t feel happy

andreas owens – don’t feel happy

Music is something that everyone takes in daily. In some form of another, we all come across music that shapes our time. Taking in music daily can become routine, to the point you forget how much of a fan you are, and the magic that it possesses. A great record always gives you that reminder and andreas owens gives you that feel on his new song “don’t feel happy”.

An endless vibe is what you get from andreas owens on his new song “don’t feel happy”. The music puts you in your feelings right away, with his vocal tone being masterful, at tugging at the listeners heart while getting lost in the music. The production plays it part to the fullest, with a smooth sound accompanied with guitar strums, that helps you take in the writing in a real way.

This new release from andreas owens is an amazing record, that shows how much of an experience hearing music can still be. It’s a record that stops time for you, as you give your full attention to the music and the art he gives you. The reasons to like this song are truly endless, and a must hear for anyone who loves good music.

Check out andreas owens “don’t feel happy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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