Tamara Bubble – I’m That Good

Tamara Bubble – I’m That Good

To get familiar with an artist, is to also get familiar with their style. Their approach to the music that makes them stand out as special, as you become a fan with every listen. With Tamara Bubble you hear her high energy style, that makes a fan out of anyone who listen, with her new release “I’m That Good”, being the perfect representation of her style.

Tamara Bubble releases some of her biggest music yet on her new song “I’m That Good”. Her confidence and flair is on full display on this record packed with worldwide appeal. The sound is mega and sounds meant to travel, with her big time swagger shining to the fullest, with her bravado filled lyrics being delivered with so much conviction, that you take on the confidence in the music.

Tamara Bubble’s “I’m That Good” is a high energy impressive pice of art, from a bonafide star. Everything that makes people fall in love with music is what you get from her signature charisma that grabs you, amazing lyricism, and a major sound in the production to make this song fitting, to be a sure hit the world will love.

Check out Tamara Bubble “I’m That Good” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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