As much as it’s important for music to sound good, it’s also important for the music to feel good as well. That soul that’s put into the music that you can feel in your bones, as your engulfed in all of the magic the music possesses. Music like that is what makes music fun to discover and share, and a song that must be shared is from MICHELLE on the new song “FYO”.

MICHELLE brings the world a song you hope never ends on the new song “FYO”. The sound is infectious and funky, with grooves that are enticing and make you want to hear what’s next. Vocally the song marvels with a tone that you feel in your spirit, with it delivering the writing to perfection, as the music and vocals work in their own divine way to make something special to offer to the world.

MICHELLE’s “FYO” is everything you hope to hear when pressing play on a record. It’s that music that makes you enjoy life that much more, as you feel the heart and soul put into the music, coming out your speaker to make something truly unforgettable. Your new favorite song is waiting for you, if you hit play on this one of a kind jam.

Check out MICHELLE “FYO” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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