chillpill Featuring Rico Nasty & Soleima – LiL BiTcH

chillpill Featuring Rico Nasty & Soleima – LiL BiTcH

One of the most exciting things is artists going for it all. That creativity and innovation in the approach that resonates beyond the music, is something to truly marvel. Especially when it’s the form of a collaboration of super talented creatives, who make music like you’ve never heard. That is what you get from chillpill on his new song and visual “LiL BiTcH” featuring Rico Nasty and Soleima.

Producer chillpill enlists the help of Rico Nasty and Soleima to make a smash on the new song “Lil BiTcH”. The music has a bring Trap infused sound that won’t lose. The guitar riffs and bass drops set the perfect tone, while Rico Nasty brings an exciting rap style that meshes perfectly with the music, and complimented by Soleima vocals to make it a record impossible to ignore, unless you’re a LiL Bi…you get the picture.

The new song “LiL BiTcH” from chillpill, Rico Nasty, and Soleima is a record that delivers in audio form and amazing visuals as well, with it being the first video game music video ever, with a prize of $500 to who gets the highest score every week. The innovation is just as flawless as the music, with nothing left to do for the listener but enjoy.

Check out chillpill featuring Rico Nasty and Soleima “LiL BiTcH” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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