Future Vs Now (Mahomes Vs Brady Super Bowl)

Future Vs Now (Mahomes Vs Brady Super Bowl)

Sports have long been a passing of the guard thing. With players like Brett Farve, it was the Packers drafting the now legendary Aaron Rodgers. With Carson Wentz, it was let’s see what the young guy can do. But with this upcoming Super Bowl it’s different. This game may be the passing of the torch from the proven veteran and 6x Super Bowl Winner Tom Brady, to the quarterback of the future who is also a Super Bowl Winner Patrick Mahomes facing off for Super Bowl 55.

Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes is the headline as the 43-year-old veteran faces off against the 25-year-old quarterback. Tom Brady and the buccaneers faced off in one of the best games of the year versus the packers as Tom Brady gets the job done as it’s not his best game with 280 Passing yards three touchdowns but three interceptions as well.

Patrick Mahomes had a terrific game with 325 passing yards 3 touchdowns and a win against the Buffalo Bills. The last time the two great teams played against each other the chiefs won a close game with the score being 27-24, Patrick Mahomes was 37/49 for 462 passing yards and three touchdowns while Tom Brady was 27/41 for 345 3 Touchdowns and Two interceptions. The Super Bowl will be played in Tampa Bay Florida On Sunday, February 2, 2021.

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