Aimee Vant – 11:11

Aimee Vant – 11:11

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready for an even better week. To start off the week we always bring you the best music out there, to set everything off the right way and the right way is Aimee Vant with her new song “11:11”.

Aimee Vant makes a mega hit that’s right on time with her song “11:11”. The innovation in the music is exemplary, with an engaging sound that pushes things forward in a great way. Aimee is vocally amazing and brings a tone that oozes appeal that you know will take her far, as he delivers the writing perfectly to make a song that doesn’t miss in any category.

Aimee Vant’s “11:11” is a big time record from a big time artists that is destined to be a household name. The music defies subjectivity in it’s pursuit to make a masterpiece, that has a sound that can travel to any part of the world on this global smash.

Check out Aimee Vant “11:11” below and follow her on Instagram`. Stay Global my Friends!

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