Stray Fossa – How Come?

Stray Fossa – How Come?

A lot of music comes out daily, which means a lot of songs can you take you different places, or tap in to certain emotions. Some music takes it times to grow on you, while others waste very little time as it engulfs you in their wave of music, and makes you an instant fan of the artistry. Stray Fossa is the latter with the new song “How Come?”.

Stray Fossa goes beyond music on the new song “How Come?”. As soon as the music starts, you are instantly engaged while the music grabs you and brings you into their world, that you never knew you needed to be but everything you could ask for. Each guitar riffs grabs you while the amazing vocals deliver the well written lyrics, to perfection to make it an emotional masterpiece you get invested in heavy.

Stray Fossa’s “How Come?” is that brilliant level of music that shows how much life music has. It excels at bringing every element that makes music great into one song, with each element complimenting the next. The song is vocally amazing, as well the produced to perfection to make a must hear record for the world to enjoy.

Check out Stray Fossa “How Come?” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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