Ivy Rose – I’ve Been Watching You

Ivy Rose – I’ve Been Watching You

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready for an amazing weekend. To kick things off for the weekend, we have to bring that amazing music that is daring in it’s approach to make an outstanding sound. That sound. comes from the super talented Ivy Rose on her new song “I’ve Been Watching You”.

Ivy Rose marvels at making must hear music on her new song “I’ve Been Watching You”. The sound is packed with appeal with amazing production that sets a dreamy tone, that is match made win heaven with her vocal tone that melts you in the verses, before it goes for gold in the chorus that’s big time if one has ever been, to make it a special piece of art to take in for every second.

Ivy Rose’s “I’ve Been Watching You” is the perfect song to showcase the perfect blend of high musical artistry, and a digestible sound that the world will love. Everything about this record is done at high level, to make for an experience of good music that you will want to keep on replay for time to come.

Check out Ivy Rose “I’ve Been Watching You” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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