Manny Lewis – Guilty

Manny Lewis – Guilty

Sometimes you hear a song and it instantly puts you in mind of a place and time. This song puts me in mind of driving through the streets at night, during fall or winter. And I think that’s one of the most important things about music. You have to have an occasion to want to play a song, and I could easily see myself getting in the car on a cold fall night and playing Guilty by Manny Lewis.

“So don’t let the question come from your lips please, just take my confession you know Im guilty”

Lyrics like that highlight just how smooth and soulful this song really is. I could see this song fitting into any R&B playlist without problem. When you listen to Guilty by Manny Lewis, it makes you realize just how saturated R&B has become, and how much you miss the old days where music wasn’t microwaved, and was actually a full meal.

For more from Manny Lewis you can find him on Spotify. Stay Global my friends.

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