Trinisha Browne – Intense Feelings

Trinisha Browne – Intense Feelings

Some songs just have a vibe, you play them once, and then don’t realize you’ve had it on repeat for the past hour. This is one of those. Trinisha Browne brings the heat in these cold winter months. This record has so much soul, while also having a smooth latin vibe that is sure to keep you warm no matter the season.

You know a song has potential to be a huge success when you could easily hear it in between any two songs on a commercial radio station. I have no doubt that Intense Feeling by Trinisha Browne would feel at home on any radio station or any Spotify playlist.

In the era of Apple Music and Spotify, having a song that feels at home on any mix or playlist is invaluable, and Intense Feelings is a song for every occasion.

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