Sam Sherrod – Goodbye

Sam Sherrod – Goodbye

At Global World we hear a lot of music, so sometimes writing about it can feel pretty routine, like going through the motions. Goodbye by Sam Sherrod instantly took me from autopilot to alert. This record was a pleasure to listen to and write about.

From the effects used on his vocals during the chorus, to the mellow synths and pads, Goodbye is an emotional experience from beginning to end. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who couldn’t connect to the lyrics. it really puts me in mind of a more soulful Maroon 5 transitioning from Songs About Jane to It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

“Back and forth what are we doing can’t we see it’s done, sick and tired of catching the end of all the shit you’ve spun”.

Sam Sherrod really brings those vibes from transitioning from that winter relationship and onto the next spring thing. I have no doubts we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this Nashville native.

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One thought on “Sam Sherrod – Goodbye

  1. I love this song and Sam is a sexy guy with a huge gay fanbase already! My local gay bar spins this record every night already. Hope to see more of his hot bod in the next video!

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