King Ibis – I’m Not Your Mum

King Ibis – I’m Not Your Mum

With the song I’m Not Your Mom, King Ibis has instantly just become one of my top groups to watch. At first listen, the song is playful, has good energy as a pop record in its own right, and has such a dreamy feel to it, but when you get down to the meat of the song, there’s so much to digest.

“I left this up to you, I guess that’s my fault too”

Everyone can relate to feeling under appreciated in a relationship, and the lyrics spell that out in such a fun and catchy way. Theres always that special line that I appreciate bands tiptoeing between having depth to their music, while also being able to just enjoy it at a surface level as well, and King Ibis walks that line with ease.

For more from King Ibis, give them a follow on Instagram here. Stay Global my friends.

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