King Ibis – I’m Not Your Mum

With the song I’m Not Your Mom, King Ibis has instantly just become one of my top groups to watch. At first listen, the song is playful, has good energy as a pop record in its own right, and has

Sam Sherrod – Goodbye

At Global World we hear a lot of music, so sometimes writing about it can feel pretty routine, like going through the motions. Goodbye by Sam Sherrod instantly took me from autopilot to alert. This record was a pleasure to

Trinisha Browne – Intense Feelings

Some songs just have a vibe, you play them once, and then don’t realize you’ve had it on repeat for the past hour. This is one of those.

Anwen Rose – My Mother’s Daughter

Theres music you listen to as just music, as just sounds, and there’s music you listen to that resonates, has feeling, and depth. This is the latter.