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Countless artists come out daily, but some artists are just born stars. Those people you hear or see and you just know they don’t come around too often, MKHL is one of those artists. A super talented artist out of New York who has a star quality to him that you can’t ignore. He makes supreme level music with each release with songs such as “Stars in the roof” featuring Usainball, that allows his super flow to shine and deliver his lyrics to perfection.

He not only sells himself as an artist but a personality as well, with every aspect of his craft being great artistically, as well as engaging to make him a sure fire star that you must witness now. All of this and more is why MKHL is one of our Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2021.

Congrats to MKHL on being one our Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2021.

Get familiar with MKHL below. Stay Global my Friends!

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