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As much as Hip Hop is bravado driven, there’s just some artist who have that special space to them. That infectious energy to them that draws you in, to the point you take on the cool of their music. That quality is the thing of legends and Larry June has that feel that is on full bloom on his song with Monroe Flow called “TRAP LARRY” produced by HitKidd and Sledgren.

Larry June comes together with Monroe Flow to run it up on his song “TRAP LARRY”. He goes outside of usual smooth sound to take on the Trap sound that HitKidd and Sledgren deliver. Larry is commanding and rides the beat to perfection, with every line sliding off the beat to the listeners ear to make something enjoyable. Monroe Flow adds in a calm storm of lyrics with his in pocket and focused flow, bringing value to make this exciting record enjoyable for every second.

Larry June and Monroe Flow “TRAP LARRY (Produced by HitKidd & Sledgren” is a record that gives you everything that makes music fun to discover. The energy of the music makes for one nticing listen, with the bravado of each artist carrying the track, to make it something fresh to dive into on a must hear record, from must hear talent.

Check out Larry June and Monroe Flow “TRAP LARRY (Produced by HitKidd & Sledgren” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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