Gild Walton – Convince My Mind

Gild Walton – Convince My Mind

One of the toughest things about releasing music, is leaving your art to be critiqued by the world. Letting everyone take in something you worked tirelessly on, and decide to their taste if it’s good or not. Only thing that’s tougher is putting yourself out there, and baring your truth to the world to give them a closer look at the person behind the music. That transparency in the music is not for the weak hearted, and Gild Walton rises to the occasion on her new song “Convince My Mind”.

Gild Walton gives her all on this acoustic masterpiece “Convince My Mind”. The writing is heavy and daring in it’s pursuit, while she takes us through her journey of addiction and prostitution, to strive for a better life. This record makes you not only feel for the artist, but question the world we’re in that can lead one to such endeavors. The vulnerability in the vocal performance, is packed with soul that resonates and makes you slow down to connect to the music, exactly how you’re supposed to.

Gild Walton’s “Convince My Mind” is that true music, that shows the power of an artist giving their story. It’s not only great music, but a story that many can relate to, as it thrives in the concept of not keeping your journey to yourself, but giving it to the world to help the next person get through.

Check out Gild Walton “Convince My Mind” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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