FCG Heem – Peace & Positivity

FCG Heem – Peace & Positivity

No other genre is looked to for a pick me up like Hip Hop. During many peoples off days and hard times, they run to Hip Hop for the gems in life they need, or that energy that need to pick them yup and get by. FCG Heem has one of this positive anthems that will drive your hustle on his new song “Peace & Positivity”.

FCG Heem brings all that you need in his new song “Peace & Positivity”. The piano laced production, sets the perfect tone for the aspirational vibes captured in the music. The writing is ambitious and celebratory, while he gives you the perfect balance of flossy lyrics, and dream chasing lines to make you feel good, and get over the hump while you chase you dreams. The melodic approach is packed with swagger and soul to make it all that you can need in a record, with every checkmark being hit to perfection.

FCG Heem’s “Peace & Positivity” is that super dope music that makes you appreciate life that much more. The fun and love he puts in the music, creates a real experience to be apart of, with each gem shining as well as the next to make it something you can enjoy for time to come.

Check out FCG Heem “Peace & Positivity” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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