Flortcha Flow – Before I Write This Song

Flortcha Flow – Before I Write This Song

Nothing stops you in your tracks like a big record. That big time feel in the music, that has that type of appeal that you know will go far no matter what. Those type of records are must hear in every way, and that’s everything that Flortcha Flow gives you on the brand new smash “Before I Write This Song”.

Flortcha Flow bring an out of this world sound that shows where soul and appeal meet on “Before I Write This Song”. The writing is high quality, and tells the perfect tale, over this smooth production that melodies glide over. The vocals mesh incredibly well with the music, with each note melting you to make each element of this song stellar, in it’s own way to make it a record beyond words.

Flortcha Flow’s “Before I Write This Song” is an amazing record, that shows the presence good music will always have. It excels in every way musically to bring an experience for the listener that is packed with lights, with this record shining to the fullest.

Check out Flortcha Flow “Before I Write This Song” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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