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Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for an even better weekend. To kick off the weekend we always bring the best content to start you off right, and when we tell you that the best is coming from King DYFL on his new track “The Good Die Young” featuring Fat Joe, we truly mean it.

King DYFL sounds like the next big thing in Hip Hop on his new song “The Good Die Young” featuring Fat Joe. King DYFL is super focused and you hear the hunger, as well as the drive in his supreme flow that is destined to takehim far. The lyricism is a thing of perfection, as he tells hi story while crafting a masterpiece over this production that plays the perfect stage for the, picture he crates with his word. The icing on this masterpiece are the audio gems from Fat Joe, as he gives game to King DYFL while we soak it all in.

King DYFL Featuring Fat Joe “The Good Die Young” is a timeless masterpiece that will be around for time to come. Everything about this record exudes excellence in exemplary fashion, to embody the art and soul of Hip Hop that cemented this genre in it’s rightful place in history.

Check out King DYFL Featuring Fat Joe “The Good Die Young” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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