Josh Fudge – Hit My Line

Josh Fudge – Hit My Line

A daring record is always one, that will get your attention. Hearing the creatives wildest thoughts in the music, as they go against the grain to make a must hear for the listener to experience. That type of music will always be engaging and that’s what you get from Josh Fudge on the new song “Hit My Line”.

Josh Fudge displays all of his talents to make a one of a kind record on the new song “Hit My Line”. He sets the perfect tone with his innovative style of producing, that’s packed with engaging synths and guitar riffs that makes lights come out of your speakers. The vocal performance is a match made in heaven with the music, with his singing guiding the way for this new world he brings to you.

Josh Fudge “Hit My Line” is the creativity you hope to find in music you discover. It’s a record that’s truly fresh, and must hear while he shows how much life and innovation can still be put in to music today.

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