My Only Other One – Making Room

My Only Other One – Making Room

Countless records are released daily, but not many songs travel far. Some songs just break barriers, and can be praised on any part of the world. Those special songs always have a special appeal to them, that make them sure hits. My Only Other One has one of those songs on their new release “Making Room”.

My Only Other One gives the love the world needs on their new song “Making Room”. The lyrics are everything that bring people together, with it being able to be digestive for the masses, as well as being amazing in it’s articulation. The vocal performance sells it to the max, with it carrying the right amount of power to deliver everything well, over this big time production that makes it undeniable.

My Only Other One’s “Making Room” is a big time record, for a sure breakthrough duo. It’s a high quality music as it’s finest, that delivers in every facet of record making. If you want to get acquainted with the next big thing, listen now and enjoy the music.

Check out My Only Other One “Making Room” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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