HunnaV x A. Tibbz – Recognition

HunnaV x A. Tibbz – Recognition

The most enjoyable part to be apart of an artist journey is when they’re bubbling. That energy in the culture and in their music, that you feel and know that success is inevitable for them. That same feeling you heard in Drake’s music in his “So Far Gone” days is that same energy that bursts out the seams of HunnaV’s new song “Recognition” featuring A. Tibbz.

HunnaV delivers an impressive record from his new project “24” called “Recognition” featuring A. Tibbz. The number 24 is not only a reference in age for HunnaV, but an ode to Kobe, that is fitting as he balls all over this record, while doing it for the love. The focus and dedication runs rampant in the song with the production setting the tone, for the ambitious approach to the writing and melodic approach that makes music for the soul to keep going, while being entertained limitlessly.

HunnaV Featuring A. Tibbz “Recognition” gives everyone the more they’re looking for in music. In times where artists usually slow up, once fame comes HunnaV, ups his game and drive to deliver a masterpiece with every piece of audio he delivers for people everywhere to take in an enjoy.

Check out HunnaV Featuring A. Tibbz “Recognition” below as well as his new project “24” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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