Chillknot – Sober

Chillknot – Sober

It’s always refreshing to hear new music. It’s even better to hear an artist bring their own sound to the music. That sound you haven’t heard before, as the artist dares to make something game changing for the world to take in. That’s everything that makes Chillknot special on their new song “Sober”.

Chillknot delivers musical magic on the new song “Sober”. The music is instantly engaging with creative production, that’s layered to perfection, as each groove plays it’s on special part to make it must hear, that makes for the perfect contrast to the dark writing. The vocals are just right, as the tones are delivered just right to make you feel everything, and get lost in the music.

Chillknot’s “Sober” embodies the art that music can be. It’s a fearless piece of work, that lets it’s creativity shine to the fullest. It’s music you can hear and know it only cared about making the best music possible, and that’s what it does in every way.

Check out Chillknot “Sober” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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