LocalBlac- We Outside! (Official Video)

LocalBlac- We Outside! (Official Video)

When an artist is real and authentic, you can hear their intent in the music. That passion and desire to deliver something incredible, will always resonate when it’s real. and the real is what oozes out the speakers of LocalBlac’s new song “We Outside!”.

LocalBlac makes a record with unlimited replay value on his new song “We Outside!”. The conviction that’s in the rhyming is undeniable and drives the point home to the soul on his latest effort. The lyrics are truly on point as it marvels in it’s story telling, and makes it clear he’s here with a purpose while he delivers an instant classic over this mellow production.

LocalBlac’s “We Outside!” is that incredible Hip Hop that is cemented in it’s cause, and will not be moved. He’s lyrically beyond sharp, and the polish in the flow shines through more than ever with every facet of record making, being done to a supreme level for fans everywhere to enjoy the music.

Check out LocalBlac “We Outside!” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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