Jacob’s Blue – Hard of Hearing

Jacob’s Blue – Hard of Hearing

Countless major and indie artists release music daily. Making it nearly impossible for one to stand out, with so much good material being consistently pushed to the listeners. In order to stand out an artist has to have a certain quality about them, that can’t be explained but when you see them you know its something special. That something special is prominent in the new song from Jacob’s Blue called “Hard of Hearing”.

Creativity and innovation is what you get from Jacob’s Blue on his new song “Hard of Hearing”. The sound is engaging with creative production that sets the perfect engaging tone, with his unique approach to the vocals having a special quality to it that makes you listen to every word. The lyrics are super relatable and helps push this record to the next level to make it must hear.

The record connects not only in the audio but sells him as the star he is, as well making “Hard of Hearing” a hard record not to buy into. He gives you everything you could ask from an artist and more, as he creates a modern day masterpiece that his fans will be able to enjoy for time to come.

Check out Jacob’s Blue “Hard of Hearing” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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