Julie Tuzet – Tarde

Julie Tuzet – Tarde

With a good record, its always many reasons to enjoy it. With all the many reasons some songs just, have a feel to it. A vibe to it that makes you relax and not even think of critiquing it, but just letting it play and enjoy the music in a real way. Julie Tuzet embodies this on her new song “Tarde”.

Julie Tuzet brings a sound with feel good grooves and melodies that’s hard not to enjoy on her new song “Tarde”. The production is packed with grooves that make you move, as Julie’s polished vocals let her presence be felt, while she delivers the amazing songwriting, and guides us to musical bliss from this special piece of music.

Julie Tuzet’s “Tarde” is a record that you should add to your favorite playlist now. Everything is done just right to hit the mark for a must hear record. The production sets the perfect tone, the vocals are smooth as wine, and the lyrics are a match made in heaven with the music to make it enjoyable in every way.

Check out Julie Tuzet “Tarde” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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