We Plug Good Music x Shanaz Dorsett x EOM – Imagination

We Plug Good Music x Shanaz Dorsett x EOM – Imagination

Greatness is not only something to be acknowledged, but something to enjoy. No matter the craft it’s important to highlight these things for the culture, so others can see these milestones and know that things are possible. That’s why we have to give it up to We Plug Good Music, as they celebrate with their reissue for the 10th anniversary of their debut compilation mixtape “Prelude to the Future”.

A shining example of the sounds you will hear from this project is the collaboration between Shanaz Dorsett and EOM for the song “Imagination. A soulful must hear jam, with the neo soul inspired production that you can get lost in, while the incredible vocals deliver with every note to make this a record you can feel and dream to. The icing on the cake is the writing, that are a match made in heaven with the music, while each moving part sounding just as good as the next.

Shanaz Dorsett and EOM “Imagination” is not only a must hear record from the compilation “Prelude to the Future”, but stand out masterpiece that you must hear now. The soul and authenticity that make people fall in love with music, is what you from this amazing record. If you need good music you stop your search at this amazing compilation and record.

Check out Shanaz and EOM “Imagination” below as well as the We Plug Good Music compilation “Prelude to the Future” below.

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