Dolorous – Pluto

Dolorous – Pluto

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas to you all!!!! Hope everyone enjoys their holiday to the fullest. Fridays are always about posting the best content and with it being a holiday it’s even more pressure to bring the best we can find. What we bring is Dolorous new song “Pluto” that will sure to make a fan out of anyone who listens.

Dolorous brings the perfect balance of deep writing and a digestible sound on his new song “Pluto”. The music sounds like a drug that takes you on a trip filled with colorful characters that creates a thrilling and exciting experience. The vocal performance thrives in it’s tone, as it conveys the right emotion to hit home for the listener. The sound is bright and delivers the dark lyrics in the most digestible balance to create the perfect storm of musical genius.

Dolorous “Pluto” is what happens when artists let this creativity shine. The song is truly one of a kind and has all the makings of a modern day classic, From the production, lyrics, and vocal performance, it’s done to a superb level that creates music you will want to enjoy.

Check out Dolorous “Pluto” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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