Closure – Sink

Closure – Sink

Many songs come out, but not many songs are major. That big time music that you can’t deny as it captivates you, with a big sound that creates a world around you. Those special songs you don’t find too often but when you do, they become an instant favorite and Closure gives you one of those instant favorites with his new song “Sink”.

Closure makes a record you can’t deny for a second on the new song “Sink”. It’s a record that makes the choice for you if you like it, with everything about the record having a presence that grabs you. The production sets the perfect tone with a sound that you can hear rocking stadiums all over the world. The vocal performance is major enough to shine as well, with appeal that helps deliver the writing to perfection to make this record shine in every aspect.

Closure’s “Sink” is one those amazing records that are so good you dive into their whole catalog. They allow the music to speak for itself, and the statement is loud and clear, while they deliver a masterpiece for fans all over the world. Hit play and enjoy the special sound of Closure.

Check out Closure “Sink” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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