Scamps – Hold (My Own)

Scamps – Hold (My Own)

More than ever people are looking for experiences that feel good to be apart of. Music has always helped play it’s role in this equation, since the beginning of time many artists, have put out releases that people go to for enjoyable moments as they take in the tunes. Scamps has one of those records with their new song “Hold (My Own)”.

Scamps come together to make a record that is enjoyable for every second on their new song “Hold (My Own)”. The guitar riffs set a masterful tone with a captivating tone that gets you invested quick. From there the vocals come and blesses the music with a tone that, takes the music to another level. The writing is stellar and amazing in it’s articulation, and helps this record click in every facet to make something enjoyable for their fans everywhere.

Scamps “Hold (My Own)” is a record packed with endless good vibes that makes the world that much more enjoyable. It not only delivers musically in a big way, but also bring that special touch of soul to it to make it a record that will last the times, with everything about this record being master class.

Check out Scamps “Hold (My Own)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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