Call Me Ace – No Assistance

Call Me Ace – No Assistance

Being a part of music is truly a joy of life, especially being able to hear music that goes beyond just something to hear, but a full experience. Seeing things comes to life in real time, for moments that will be looked on as classic in time. Call Me Ace is one of the special artists who are bubbling in the culture right now, and brings visuals for his lyrical masterpiece “No Assistance” top bring it to life.

Call Me Ace brings visuals for “No Assistance” to bring this piece of art full circle. Our first time hearing this record on our platform, was when Ace presented music and interviewed on a special episode of Global World Wednesday, where records are broke and rated. With the spotlight on him he shined as not only an artist, but a personality as well that’s worth buying into majorly with a star quality to him that can’t be denied.

To talk about his latest work, is a task that one can speak on for days, with every word for excellent and game changing being appropriate for the occasion. He lets his presence be felt for every second, with an intense exciting video, to match his lyrical prowess that is second to none, while he dares to be great to deliver something amazing for people in the culture to enjoy.

Call Me Ace’s “No Assistance” is a bold and daring display of Hip Hop that is rooted in the pride and integrity that this genre was built on. His care and desire for his art to shine, is ever apparent in the music as you hear him deliver his sharp lyrics with the ultimate conviction that will sure to make him number one. It’s a must hear piece of art from a must hear artist, who uses this opportunity to make a fan of him anyone who checks him out.

Check out Call Me Ace “No Assistance” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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