Lara – Wall

Lara – Wall

Music is meant to be a lot of things. Different sounds coming together to make a statement, but sounds that really stand out are songs with edge. That daring sound that’s captivating, as they unapologetically show their star power to the fullest. That bold approach to the music is what makes people fans of talent, and a fan is what you will be of Lara when you hear her song “Wall”.

Lara showcases her amazing sound to the fullest on the new song “Wall”. Her presence and sound is commanding, with a chill Pop sound, that’s packed with appeal to make it a digestible hit for the masses. The writing is catchy as well as infectious, and it’s all delivered by her vocal performance that is a match made in heaven with the sounds, with a tone that feels good to hear as you take in the vibes.

Lara’s “Wall” is a special must hear record from this multi-talented star in the making. She brings all of her talent together, to make a record that is destined to go far. Lara dares to be great with her one of a kind sound, that anyone who listens will be able to hear the genius in her work.

Check out Lara “Wall” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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