Alex Mali – 5 Star

Alex Mali – 5 Star

Some artists are just a joy to listen to. As soon as you see their name you know you’re going to find something enjoyable about what you hear. Whether it’s the music, or just their sheer presence in the audio or visuals you know to expect something great. That something great comes from Alex Mali on her new song “5 Star”.

Alex Mali delivers a must hear anthem for women everywhere on her new song “5 Star”. The music is more daring than ever, with her unapologetic writing that people will feel everywhere, as she takes control to make something powerful. The vocal performance packs the right power and bravado to it to deliver the lyrics with the amount of conviction need to deliver the lyrics, as well as enjoy the swaggy performance she gives us, over this production filled with knocking 808’s to make you move.

Alex Mali’s “5 Star” is the music you hear, that not only sounds good but picks you up as well. Alex shines like the star she is and delivers a supreme performance that her fans everywhere have come accustomed to. Hit play now on this special record and enjoy the vibes!

Check out Alex Mali “5 Star” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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