Tekh Togo – 2nd Date

Tekh Togo – 2nd Date

When being a fan of an artist,, you come to their music expecting certain thigs. What that can be is truly limitless, depending on the artist. It can be their flow, or presence, or even just the certain feel of their music when you tune in. When coming to Tekh Togo’s music you can expect to hear sophistication in the rhymes that marvels in it’s story telling, as well super fly production that comes to life out your speakers. All of that is on full display on his latest release “2nd Date”.

The luxury of Tekh Togo’s sound makes for a masterpiece on his new song “2nd Date”. The jazz – hip hop blend sets a great tone, with the super cool sound that makes you slow down to take in the music. Tekh’s emceeing is as golden as it’s ever been, with the shine in the rhymes that rock this track for every second. The story telling is engaging and makes you buy in with every line taking you deeper to the next, as you enjoy the vibes and hang on to see what will happen next.

Tekh Togo’s “2nd Date” is the perfect record to showcase the art and soul in Hip Hop music. The pictures the music creates is everything that makes people be able to dream to the music, with a sound you can get lost in with the endless vibes of the record. Hit play on this record now and take in the incredible sound from Tekh Togo.

Check out Tekh Togo “2nd Date” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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