Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for a great weekend. To kick off the weekend we always bring the best super dope music we can find. That music that is supreme in it’s execution, as you take in the talent, and what’s more super dope than an emcee giving you quote worthy bars, over a soulful sample because that’s what you get from JPEGMAFIA on the new song “SUPER TUESDAY”.

JPEGMAFIA shows off all of this talents to make hip hop gold on the new song “SUPER TUESDAY” off his fresh new project “EP!”. The sample sets the tone right away, with strings playing that capture the mood right for him to snap on. The rhyming is on point, as the flow glides with the strings to perfection, as he lays down the lyrics with boisterous confidence to talk that talk all over this self produced track.

JPEGMAFIA’s “SUPER TUESDAY” is a record packed with the authentication that Hip Hop is known for. Each line is just as quote worthy as the next to showcase his pen to the fullest. Everything in the music clicks and plays off each other to give you every reason to enjoy it with each passing second of audio. Check out this super dope record now, as well as his new project “EP!”.

Check out JPEGMAFIA “SUPER TUESDAY” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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