Smokiecoco – Candy Crush

Smokiecoco – Candy Crush

Hearing an artist energy can really sell a record. That fun spirit in the music, that you can tell you enjoy the song, just as much as the artist did while making it. That type of music is always fun to take in and enjoy, and fun is what you will have, when you hear the new song from Smokiecoco called “Candy Crush”.

Smokiecoco makes an infectious must hear smash on the new song “Candy Crush”. The music is filled with great vibrate energy that makes you move, and enjoy the lyrics. The presence in the flows are undeniable and makes it hard to ignore, with each element being just as enjoyable to the next to make it an engaging experience to be apart of. The lyrics are on point and the chorus is gold to make a song you want to sing along to off of the first listen.

Smokiecoco’s “Candy Crush” is a super dope record from a super dope collaborative. They both excel at giving the people want they want, which is amazing music that is exciting to hear, with amazing swagger to make you enjoy the bravado and vibes given by the talent. Hit play now and enjoy the music.

Check out Smokiecoco “Candy Crush” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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