Sain-T – WHOO!

Sain-T – WHOO!

With music alot of things really just come down to preference, or what you can be in the mood to hear. As true as that is some songs are jus really f**king dope. Those records that you hear, and are just taken back by the amazing sounds coming out your speakers. Those undeniable gems don’t come around often but when they do you enjoy them, and enjoyment is what you will get from Sain-T’s new song “WHOO!”.

Sain-T shows skills beyond his years and delivers an instant classic on his new song “WHOO!”. This record is packed with that infectious fresh energy, that makes you buy in right away, as he shows super flex on this record. The production is commanding, and his rhyming even more with each line standing out just as much as the next, to make it a record you can’t deny.

Sain-T’s “WHOO!” is a super dope record that doesn’t waste a single second showing it’s worth to the listener. it’s an exciting genius display of music that is packed with flavor that bursts out the seams. This is a must hear record by a must hear artist, who is destined to be a big name in this game.

Check out Sain-T “WHOO!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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