Roman Tragedy – If You Knew What You Want

Roman Tragedy – If You Knew What You Want

Happy Tuesday!!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready for a great week. We try to always bring the best music possible, especially to start the week, and we knew to make up for lack of content yesterday we would have to post, something that is a sure fire hit. That sure fire hit comes from Roman Tragedy on their new song “If You Knew What You Want”.

Roman Tragedy crafts a record that is headed to the moon on the new song “If You Knew What You Want”. There’s so many amazing aspects of the record, that it makes it tough to pick a place to start. The production is big time and instantly engaging as it sets the tone for the magic that takes place. The writing is superb, and excels as being a relatable jam people can feel. The icing on the cake is the vocal performance that has the perfect tone to show where soul and appeal meets to make something digestible for the world to take in.

Roman Tragedy’s “If You Knew What You Want” is an electrifying record that you will want to keep on repeat for time to come. Everything about this song is supreme, with each element helping the other to shine, to make it a true musical masterpiece. This is an instant favorite, and your new favorite song to enjoy once you hit play.

Check out Roman Tragedy “If You Knew What You Want” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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